Do you like to sing?

You probably think you are not musical and you sing too much out of tune. The truth is that you are missing out on enormous health benefits when you decide to keep quiet and never sing.
Many people who claim they cannot sing because they are tone deaf are more likely to be very unfamiliar with finding and using their singing voice.
Tone deafness is comparatively rare and means that you would be unable to recognise a song. If you can recognise a song you are not tone deaf, you are just unpractised.

Why singing?

Is a weekly exercise to trains your brain to sharpen focus, relaxes your mind and body and makes you happy
Through singing we can learn a lot about ourselves and the things that we value.

Singing and personal development

Not only does singing give us a natural high, it’s pretty great for our mental wellbeing too. Learning a song is a complicated task for the brain. You have to be coordinated enough to sing the right words at the right time, using the correct pitch and volume
Mastering a new song can deliver a real sense of achievement, build self-esteem and increase confidence. It also exercises our memory, flexes our concentration, and tests our listening skills.

Experience a boost of creativity

Let yourself be messy and play like a child, even if it feels silly. When you do, you’ll experience a boost of creativity in other areas of your life as you relax more and invite newer perspectives.

Conquer your fear and soothe your anxiety

Conquer your fear simply by putting it into words. Talking about fears weakens their power over you. Expressing yourself is not a distraction.