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We are a team of professionals who believe in bringing the highest possible standards of vocal training to help people who are passionate in singing to further develop their singing abilities in an utmost nurturing and positive learning environment.

Can’t read notes? Have difficulty hitting high notes? Worried that you’re tone deaf? Poor stamina and get breathless easily? Narrow range and limited style of singing? Fret not! This is the right place to set your skills knowledge right.

We have a range of singing lessons to help cater to different students’ needs. It’s a custom made program tailored specially for you!

We have experience teaching kids, teens, working adults and even senior citizens!


Do you like to sing? You probably think you are not musical and you sing too much out of tune. The truth is that you are missing out on enormous health benefits when you decide to keep quiet and never sing.
Many people who claim they cannot sing because they are tone deaf are more likely to be very unfamiliar with finding and using their singing voice.
Tone deafness is comparatively rare and means that you would be unable to recognise a song. If you can recognise a song you are not tone deaf, you are just unpractised.


Happy customers.

“I have been studying voice with the school for 4 1/2 years now and I highly recommend this school. I previously studied with celebrity voice coaches in California and I can honestly say I’ve learned far more from the school then all of them combined. She taught me every aspect of technique, including mix voice which totally transformed my ability. If you are a dedicated student, the school can help you achieve your goals.”


Jodie Strecker

recording artist thisisjodie.com

“I have had the pleasure of working with the school for more than three years. Coming from a choir background I wanted to develop my solo voice and see what I was capable of. The Vox provides excellent Teachers. She has instructed and challenged me – and I find that I can do more now than I ever thought I could. If you like to learn techniques and want to have fun at the same time, this will be the right school!”


James Andrade

“I have been taking singing lessons since 2015 and have learnt a lot over the past few years. Through the coach’s patient demeanour and positive attitude, she is able to create a comfortable learning environment for her students. Her diligence and constant encouragement has helped me increase my vocal range significantly and I look forward to continuing my voice training under her guidance.”



“My singing lessons with the school were always great. The lessons were fun and that makes me looked forward to going to class everytime. Not only my singing abilities has improved tremendously, the school has succeeded by helping me to discover my inner voice. The Vox produce Teachers who genuinely cares about their students, wanting them to grow as a person and vocally.”


Lorena Gibb

“I just wanted to thank The Vox for their time and efforts with coaching me my singing lessons. They made every lesson fun and rewarding. I am a complete beginner so I was always happy and reassured with every lesson.”


Mark Daniels

“Singing has always been a passion of mine and not only did The Vox helped me to discover my love for singing, I’ve also learnt to expand my vocal range and taught me a variety of techniques to improve my singing, diaphragm breathing and my breath control. I’m really grateful for the school as it has helped me to find my voice as an artist.”


Lily Gould


To create a friendly and nurturing environment where the creative, artistic, and inner journey of every individual can reach its fullest potential.

To dedicate our heart, soul and mind… (100% of our attention and time to students).

To educate and instil life long learning.

To honor positivity, professional integrity, discipline, confidence, compassion, hope and joy.

To learn continually.

To open minds (to allow them to try different styles of music and artist, new approaches to singing etc).

To inspire personal growth.

To nurture their creativity which fosters personal growth and an appreciation of music as art.

To use the power of music to enrich the lives of individuals.

Singing Courses

1-to-1 Private Singing Lessons

Focused learning
Choice of your favourite song
Higher effectiveness

Group Singing Lessons

(Friends / Siblings / Family / Couple)

Dynamic and fun
Enhance relationship
Choice of your favourite song

Corporate Singing Lessons

Team bonding
Crash Course
Choice of your favourite song



Broadway Musical


Hillsong / Worship / Hymn Songs



Karaoke Coaching


Kids / Teens Singing Coaching


Leisure Singing Coaching


Audition/Competition Preparation


Intense Vocal Technique Coaching


Rock and Pop Trinity Singing Exams with Certification


Corporate Coaching


Wedding Performance Coaching


Gift Voucher




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